Agile adoption and product marketing.

This is my first post here, and I want to start it off by conducting a small poll. In my opinion, agile is spreading fast. Those who aren’t on the agile road yet want to get there soon. Those who are there think it’s a one stop shop for all their IT ills. Afterall, custom apps that people have in their environment are the biggest barriers to flexibility and change, and agile hits at the root of that problem. So, I see the same promises being made over and over again (faster time to market, greater flexibility, built for change, greater user adoption, …). Not all of these promises are false, and marketing is well within its rights to make these promises. But I feel that at times they go overboard.

What do you think? Take the poll  here:


About ChanduSingh

I am an IT industry analyst with Ovum. The views expressed here are entirely mine, and do not reflect my employer's stance. On this blog I will talk about: IT buzzwords (such as Agile Development, BPM, cloud and so forth), events from around the globe (if I find the time), and movies.
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